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PT TRANSPORTASI GAS INDONESIA (TGI or TRANSGASINDO) is the first company in Indonesia whose core business is transporting natural gas through pipelines to both domestic and international market. As one of country's vital assets (Obyek Vital Nasional), TGI operates the transportation of natural gas and maintain the pipelines prudently.

Since its establishment in February 2002, TGI has committed to become "Transporter of Choice" of natural gas in Indonesia. TGI continues to expand natural gas utilization in Indonesia, while assuring prompt, reliable, and safe delivery at the same time.

Today, TGI is operating over 1,000 kilometers of gas pipeline (both onshore and offshore), connecting Grissik to Duri dan Grissik to Singapore. Major company's assets include 3 compressor station in Sakernan, Belilas and Jabung (Sumatera), 3 metering stations in Duri (Riau), Panaran (Batam) and Pemping (Riau Islands). In addition, we have long term Gas Transportation Agreements (GTA) until year 2023. Facing the challenging future, Transgasindo is ready to raise its performance and explore any possibility to meet energy demands especially towards domestic consumption.

The preparations cover development of human resources, technology expansion and availability of integrated supporting facilities to improve performance. Currently TGI is enhancing its facility by adding a new compressor station in Jabung (Sumatera) phase 1, which increase the volume of gas from 401.4 MMSCFD, to more than 465 MMSCFD for Grissik-Singapore line. Future plan for phase 2 will increase the volume to more than 600 MMSCFD.

The commitment of the company is fully supported by the shareholders: State-owned Enterprise (SoE) PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk (59.87%), Transasia Pipeline Company Pvt. Ltd (40%), and Yayasan Kesejahteraan Pegawai and Pensiunan Gas Negara (0.13%).

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