Operation & Services

In all aspects of our operation, TGI ensures the implementation of prudence. We make sure the pursuit of profit does not cause any harm, be that to the people or the environment.

Wherever we operate, we always take the necessary steps to protect the environment and improve the populace socio-economic condition. We routinely monitor the quality of the surroundings to safeguard the company against causing any pollution, and we work together with a certified waste-management company in the handling and disposal of our hazardous waste.

TGI will continue to uphold and expand corporate values for its stakeholders, championing the interests of shareholders through its commitment as “the Transporter of Choice” for natural gas, proved and demonstrated through the reliability and upgrading of its pipelines and support facilities, with periodic, and thorough maintenance.

Gas Pipeline System

Organization Structure

Grissik Duri Pipeline

Grissik – Duri Pipeline is a milestone for onshore Indonesian gas transmission, using a 28 inches diameter pipe that stretches 536 km long. Along the line, there are 2 Compressor Stations: Sakernan and Belilas, and also 22 Sectional Valves and 5 Pig Traps Stations.

  • This pipeline is the milestone for onshore indonesian gas transmission.
  • 536 km long with 28 inch diameter pipeline from Grissik to Duri pipeline
  • Facilities along Grissik to Duri pipeline :
    • 22 Sectional Valves
    • 5 Pig Trap Stations
    • 2 Compressor Stations : Sakernan and Belilas

Singapore Pipeline

  • This pipeline opens a new era in international gas sales from Sumatera
  • The pipeline is a 468 km 28 inch pipeline from’Grissik in Sumatera and end at Pulau Sakra in singapore
  • 220km onshore and 248km offshore
  • 3 gas inlets - Grissik, South Jambi and Jabung
  • Custody transfer at Pulau Emping and Panaran